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Somebody Tell BMW It Made An iX That Changes Shades, Not Colors

Almost a month ago, BMW teased a “color-changing car” for CES. Today, we got to see that car: it’s an iX with a wrap that can go from black to white, partially or completely. Black and white are not colors, as an elementary school art teacher will tell yo

logo.png  By ONR  Jan 6, 2022

Here Are The Cars In Desperate Need Of A Facelift In 2022

The world’s auto makers are always coming out with refreshed model lineups to appeal to new or repeat customers. But sometimes, cars can miss out on a refresh and are left forgotten on the salesroom floor.Read more...

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Over 120 Corvettes Damaged By A Tornado Are Headed To The Crusher

GM is planning to crush all of the severely damaged C8 Corvettes from last months storms, rather than taking the chances of having potentially defective cars end up in peoples’ hands.Read more...

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This Harley-Davidson Big Rig Camper Has 9 Wheels And Weighs 4,000 Pounds

A museum in North Carolina has received what is one of the coolest motorcycle builds I’ve seen in a while. The KennyBilt is a 9-wheeled camper that looks like a mini big rig and has the heart and blessing of Harley-Davidson.Read more...

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