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These Are The First Cars You Love And The Ones You'd Rather Leave Behind

For some, a first car is a platonic ideal. It’s tied to so many memories, so many firsts, that no method of transportation will ever be better. For others, a first car is the lowest of the low — something to start from, before moving up. For many of you,

logo.png  By ONR  Dec 29, 2021

You Can Swap An EV Battery In China For $7

If the future of automobiles is truly going to be electric — and at the moment that’s what it looks like — then batteries should be easily swappable. Period. I know most of the industry is loath to do this, with big-deal companies like Tesla coming out de

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A Cat Was Rescued From This Moving Nissan Rogue's Engine Compartment

Sometimes it seems like everything is bad. The world is on fire, there’s a global pandemic, and the Nike car is very probably not coming next year. Once in a while, however, a good story cuts through the gloom — something that makes the sky seem a little

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Inflation Affected Cars More Than Anything Else In The U.S. In 2021

Inflation affected car ownership and its related expenses more than other essential goods and services in the U.S. this year. Never mind that the inflation rate reportedly increased to 6.8 percent, the highest number in 40 years. And never mind that it’s

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