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Nissan President Sovereign, Ford Falcon Futura Wagon, Volvo 780 Bertone: The Dopest Cars I Found For Sale Online

Another week means another entry into our series featuring the sweet cars I found for sale online. This time we have some classic American power, some imports, a cheap luxury sedan and a fan favorite.Read more...

logo.png  By ONR  Dec 24, 2021

Nissan Is Playing With My Emotions With These Campervan Concepts

I love a good campervan. A well thought out van can be packed with creative space-saving features and the essentials for any off-grid adventure, all wrapped up in a sleek exterior. And now, Nissan has two new concepts that fit this brief down to a T.Read

logo.png  By ONR  Dec 24, 2021

Thieves Stole My Van Then Upgraded It Like A Discount Version Of Overhaulin'

About a year ago, a number of my cars were either towed and broken or vandalized and robbed by various people, some of whom are now in jail. A repeated victim of the abuse was my poor 2006 Ford E-350 Power Stroke van. It’s been dragged across a parking lo

logo.png  By ONR  Dec 24, 2021

If You See A Jeep Wrangler 4xe With A Missing Odometer, Probably Don't Buy It

The Jeep Wrangler 4xe plug-in hybrid is a very advanced SUV — as far as Jeeps go, anyway. Despite this, some examples on the road appear to have an issue counting, because they’ve been recalled for odometers that freeze at exactly 13,342 miles and then st

logo.png  By ONR  Dec 24, 2021