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At $5,500, Could This 1980 Triumph TR7 Convertible Give You A Wedgie?

The 1970s gave us disco, blockbuster summer movies, and a whole lot of wedge-shaped cars. Today’s Nice Price or No Dice Triumph is one of those pointy-prowed cars but will its price drive a wedge between it and a new owner?Read more...

logo.png  By ONR  Dec 29, 2021

Do You Still Love Your First Car?

Your first car is a lot of things: A coming-of-age checkpoint, a first taste of true personal freedom, and a way for your parents to make you shuttle your younger siblings around for a change. For many people, a first car is something to reflect on with r

logo.png  By ONR  Dec 29, 2021

Blip: This Wasn't Quite How It Seems

If you look through car brochures from the ‘60s and ‘70s, you could end up thinking that a pretty significant portion of car buyers used their vehicles primarily to go to bucolic fields where they would climb into well-maintained, boldy-striped small airc

logo.png  By ONR  Dec 29, 2021

The Biden Administration Approves Multiple Solar Projects While Infrastructure Funding Remains On Hold

A new initiative from the Department of the Interior is poised to set up two solar farms – with a third nearing final approval – on public lands.Read more...

logo.png  By ONR  Dec 29, 2021